CWR Talent's Signature Coaching Program

Take charge of your career path with a plan to fit your goals.

Whether you would like personal career coaching or your employer would like to provide this benefit to you, CWR Talent's Signature Coaching Program offers a defined signature program that can produce the tangible results that have so far been difficult to achieve alone or without an experienced coach.   The process for all coaching clients is identical, only the content and objectives change, because these are your goals and your commitment to the process will determine your outcome.   

All coaching sessions can be conducted either in person if possible, by video conferencing with any online tools, or by telephone.   Distance is no impediment in today's world.  

Our six sessions in the program each take a certain amount of time to absorb, reflect upon and implement in your own career, there are no shortcuts.   During each session, you are guided through each step to encourage deep thought about your objectives and how they will fit into your life and career.   After each session, you will have some "homework" to complete and bring back for discussion in the following session.   

Part of our CWR Talent's Signature Coaching Program includes providing a clear view into how your personality, experiences and culture appears in a professional environment and how to overcome obstacles to your own advancement.   We use a variety of assessments that vary from simple to complex and work with a number of professional coaches in various industries.  CWR Talent provides a complete coaching experience all under one signature program.

For our Clients who wish us to provide career coaching to their own Directors and Senior Management teams, we can adapt and add-on specific modules to achieve tangible results.

Our CWR Talent Signature Coaching Program is offered for a fixed flat fee per program, per person.   

Our fees can be payable on a monthly payment plan during the duration of the program OR pay in full up front for the total program with a 15% discount.    

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