What CWR Talent offers to our clients

  • A comprehensive review of your business, its company culture and business objectives for each assignment.

  • A measured, vetted and diverse short list of the absolute best candidates at that point in time.

  • Guaranteed fixed fees so you always know what your cost will be, no sliding percentages.

  • A six month guarantee on all new hires with free replacement services should that be required. This gives you plenty of time to decide if you both are finding the new role mutually beneficial.

  • We specialise in Senior Management appointments as well as C Suite appointments and non-executive Board Appointments.

  • We propose the most reasonable fees in the business for our senior appointment services. You always know what the cost will be from the preparation of the brief to the magic phrase “Welcome Onboard”.

  • You benefit from a 30 year expertise in Talent Procurement, Human Resources, Communications and a global network of seasoned and up-and-coming talent for your business.

Whether for a CEO Assignment or a department head, the fees are still the same fixed fees. There is no generalist firm in the world who can beat this fee rate, and we all know the same talent!

CWR Talent works with various independent search partners around the world who complement our Talent Library with theirs and the world is our oyster.   Meet our preferred partners on our About Us page.

Reach out below for a call back. We’d love to hear your plans and see how we can help.

CWR Talent Services

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Behavioural and Emotional Intelligence Assessments


In the event you'd like us to provide a retained monthly Talent Advisory to your board of directors, let us know below in the "notes". 

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