Tell us about your career goals

Careers can fly by us without too much attention being given to short and long term goals.   Many of us will just let time push us along as fits the business need and hope for the best.   The world isn't always fair and sometimes timing isn't ideal for what we really want to achieve for ourselves.   

CWR Talent will get to know your profile, help you align your goals to a realistic expectation of what roles are possible with your current background and skill sets.  There is no charge ever to candidates to be part of our Talent Library.

If you wish to benefit further from our experience about what our clients want,  we can offer a bespoke career coaching service for reasonable fees, CWR Talent can help you crystalise your thinking on what your goals really are and how you can create your ultimate career plan. 

How to send us your details below

To be part of our Talent Library and start a relationship with us,  please send us a copy of your CV in Word Format only (no PDFs) along with a brief paragraph of what you wish to discuss.   

For expatriate postings, we also require to understand your package requirements including your most recent basic annual salary, bonus %, expat benefits (if applicable) and family status (for paid school fees for children up to 18 years old).   Not all benefits are included in all contracts however, we like to endeavour to understand the full picture before proposing the right assignment for the right reasons.  

Our Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of utmost importance to CWR Talent and to you!
Read a copy of our policy on our website.  

In a nutshell, we will keep your contact details and CV until you ask us to remove them from our Library.   You can always request to be removed at any time, just email us.

Our business is driven through long term relationships that build over time and many conversations therefore, if you would like to keep on our radar,  update your status regularly. 

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